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“A Big Hammer for Small Business”

Let’s Get real.  This is what , every small to medium business owner wants. Crowds, people lined up for your business.  Excitement and electricity in the air.  If you use our programs will this happen?  Honestly, we don’t know.  We will not make you the typical marketers promise of miraculous results.  What we will promise is guidance and an overwhelming value.

The Internet has always held the promise of leveling the marketing playing field for small business.  However until just recently, it has failed to keep its promise. Now, by taking advantage of Digital Air Media services, that dream comes true.  You can wield the same marketing intrepidness as Big Business.  There is a reason that traditional media (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine and Phonebook) are on a fast track decline, consumers are in charge and they are demanding your information their way.  

Everything Has Changed™

The F.A.R. Vision

The F.A.R. Vision is a an exciting new and original look at what has always been the the ultimate goal of marketing:

  1. Frequency.  Have customers walk through your door, call you on the phone, ask questions, make purchases, engage and spread the word, all of this and more…Just more frequently.
  2. Acquisition.  New customers!  Everyday in every way leverage the Digital Landscape  and your current customers to acquire new customers to buy your story so they will buy from you.
  3. Retention.  Everything you do when it comes to marketing is for not, if the third phase in the F.A.R. Vision is not practiced right along with Frequency and Acquisition.  Nurture Loyalty.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce “Digital Air Mobile Marketing” for the small to medium business owner.  An amazingly powerful and yet easy to use platform that makes any business a strong and effective player in the Mobile Phone - Smartphone marketing arena. Get your FREE Trial and explore the features.  Worst case scenario: you learn some of the promise of Mobile Phone - Smartphone  marketing abilities and you go with another company. :-(  We don’t claim to be your only option, just the best! However, at the end of the day, if we can help your business make money and help forge a tighter relationship with your customers, Then everyone wins.


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