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With Digital Air, we create for you a platform tied to each of your listings.  You hang a sign rider on your existing sign.  Each rider has a unique “keyword.”  When a prospect wants info on your house, he or she texts this keyword to 71441.  Your prospect receives an instant response with all the info about your listing.  And then YOU get an instant text alert with your new prospect’s phone number, so you can immediately call them and answer their questions. Your contacts will be impressed at how responsive you are, and they will know they are working with someone who will use technology to help them to the fullest extent!

Our new and improved Auto Sales program now automatically generates a window sticker with QR code and keyword. Instantly take advantage of our program to drive sales. You no longer have to lose potential sales because your closed for the night or weekend. Add a call to action in the window of vehicles on your lot and Digital Air will do the rest. As soon as someone sends the text, they receive the info on the vehicle and you receive their info in real time for follow up. As your subscriber base grow, so does your reach to potential customers.

The perfect marketing tool for Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, Lawn Care, Carpet Cleaners and more. Now, with the Digital Air platform you can create QR codes and Custom Keywords to put in all of your other marketing efforts. Your business cards, yellow pages, mailers and even your truck becomes a powerful marketing tool 24 hours - 7 days a week. Don’t stop there, during slow periods offer your data base of satisfied customers special incentives or respond instantly to storm damage with a message of availability. You can even add the appointment manager to confirm appointments with your prospective clients.

Text ‘mls72756’ to 71441

Text ‘pl69’ to 71441

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