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Maintain customer loyalty by offering specials and coupons when you need the business most. Send out an offer on tires right after a big snow or rain storm. Offer customers a free tire rotation with their next oil change and send out a discount coupon on days when your bays are filled to capacity. Get them in when you need them. You can also use the system to let customers when their car is finished saving you the time of trying to hunt them down calling multiple numbers until you find them. With the click of the mouse, they get a text message. It's fast and easy!

Salon and Spa Owners can use the Digital Air Smartphone/SMS communication system to get messages to clients and prospects in real time, any time. Send out specials to get customers in the store during those down times. You know you're going to be slow based on your schedule. Why not offer a reduced special for members of your loyalty club and watch how fast they respond. Email ends up in spam or isn't read for days. A mobile phone is the only communication tool that is within reach at least 12 hours a day and text messaging is the fastest, easiest to use and most affordable technology available in today's marketplace.

Retail operations use Digital Air to send offers, coupons and last minute specials in real time. The next time you need to clear old inventory, send out a special sale offer to members with a time limit coupon. You'll be amazed how easy it will be to bring people through the doors. Plus with our new Loyalty Program you can reward your loyal guest automatically with special perks based on dollars spent and visits.

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