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Digital Air Mobile Marketing Features

Everybody is happy when you have a program that automatically celebrates your customers Birthday. It Creates loyalty and viral excitement among your customers.

Birthday Club

Your campaigns are automatically sent to your Facebook, Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Account.  We also give you the ability to create a sign up page on FB to build your DB.

Auto Sync with Twitter and Facebook

America loves coupons.  With our system you can deliver coupons, events, invitations and more all to your customers phone where they are all kept in a digital wallet.

Mobile Coupons

Everybody is a winner with our contest feature. You can designate up to 5 winners with a different prize for each. At the end of the contest you can have a coupon delivered to all the non winning participants.


Use your QR Code and Keywords to extend and enhance all of your marketing programs. Use them on your website, vehicles, TV, radio, newspaper, yellow pages, brochures, signs, menu and more...

QR Codes and Vanity Keywords

Use our unique Loyalty program to reward your customers by tracking either number of visits or dollar amount.  Build a program that builds a crowd and get ready for the lines.

Customer Loyalty/Reward Program

This is a critical business decision: Pinching, squeezing and sliding your website on a mobile phone is a formula for lost revenue and customer engagement. Make sure you have a mobile website. More...

Premium Mobile Web Site

Time is Money. Our appointment management tool allows you to send out appointment confirmations and reminders so you can save time and manage your business easier.

Appointment Management Software

Run a mobile poll and get fast feedback and inputs from your customers which can affect your business. Polls are easy to create and can help fine tune your business.


Smartphone Marketing not only makes money, it makes all or your marketing more effective.

Stand out from the competition and get more listings when you use this unique program. And you will never have a listing without brochures again. The best part? Is you get instant feedback on property interest. Text ‘mls72756’ to 71441

Real Estate Program

Never miss another customer. Use this program to create window stickers with a QR code and keyword that creates a lead list from customers. Now even when your closed you can engage your customers.  Text ‘pl69’ to 71441

Auto Dealership Program

Our Text To Screen Feature enables a live audience to text a keyword followed by a personal message to a designated short code, this will then be posted on a screen/projection device where the live audience can view this message

Text 2 Screen

Coupon "view" and "redemption" reports, survey results, opt-in list development, and more are all available. Use this feature to refine your programs for increased success

Complete Tracking and Analytics

You can hire one of our associates to build and maintain your account. They will help create marketing opportunities to leverage your program for the best ROI.


When was the last time you got a really unique business card? With your Digital Card you will never run out of cards again. Go Green.

Digital Business Card

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